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We helped found the California Child Welfare Digital Service, California's first Digital Service, and we're helping California's State government transform digital delivery.

Now we're working with others to do the same.

Digital transformation with the State of California

California Child Welfare Digital Service

In 2015, our principal's work with Code for America led to California's Health and Human Services Agency, Department for Social Services, Office of Systems Integration, Government Operations Agency and Department of Technology working together to found the Child Welfare Digital Service.

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Government Operations Agency and Department of Technology

We're helping California make sure government services meets user needs. Our work includes:

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Health and Human Services Agency and Office of Systems Integration


The Administration for Children and Families

We worked with the Federal Administration for Children and Families to help States:

Right now, we are

Dan Hon, Principal

Dan Hon (LinkedIn) is the former Editorial Director for Code for America, where he led the program to modernize California's procurement of a new child welfare technology system.

Over the last 15 years, Dan's work has focussed on how the internet has changed publishing, entertainment, advertising and health.

and, the Interesting Times Gang

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