Very Little Gravitas

We do digital strategy, but you don't want it.

You want a product director or product manager. Or a design director. Or a program manager. You don't want "strategy".

Nope. You need a strategist, too. Because we solve the problems you have and get you the answers you need.

Here's what we do:

Backup for leaders, stat

You're a leader in your organization -- maybe Digital or Product is in your title -- but your organization isn't a net-native one. You need backup, stat, to flesh out a plan or strategy your bosses need. That's what we do.

Make your plan clear, easy to read and great at persuading

You have a plan, but people aren't getting it, whether they're beside you, under you, or maybe frustratingly, above you in your org chart. Even if you're somewhere that doesn't believe in org charts. Or especially. You need clear, easy-to-read, plain language writing to persuade people what to do, or understand your plan, but you don't have the time. That's what we do.


You have change you need to happen, but you really need someone to ask dumb questions, like "Why do we do things this way?". Asking those questions would be rude. You need someone from the outside, for whom people will be happy and accommodating, even enthusiastic, to explain. That's what we do.

P.S. No questions are dumb, they're just embarassing. But we don't get embarrassed. We love asking dumb questions. We get people comfortable talking to us. And Americans love talking to someone self-effacing with a British accent.

P.P.S. Often, when people answer a question out loud, they often suddenly realize that what they're doing, the process, or whatever doesn't actually make sense anymore. Now they're on the road to change.

Backup for doing, stat

Your strategy or plan is done. Your OKRs set. You're already talking about how to execute. You're in an org that needs an explicitly digital strategy, or your org is already digital and doing quite well at eating everyone else's lunch, thank you.

But you need at least two more of you yesterday, and cloning and time travel are a combination of illegal, unproven, or technically infeasible. That's what we do: we're your backup.

Turn bad ideas and directions into good ones

Someone, somewhere is putting pressure on to do something that's a Really Bad Idea. Maybe you've already told them. Maybe you're not able to do that, for whatever reason. Maybe you're being forced to expend time investigating blockchain for something, or using an Ill-Advised Vendor Product. You need someone to help turn that energy into doing the right thing. That's us.

Make important what's important

People know what's important, but it's not being prioritized or done. Maybe you can't spot it. Maybe nobody's in the right place to coordinate the work. Maybe there are too many silos and the walls are too high, the Slack channels too impenetrable. How do you get unblocked? Sometimes you just need someone to say what's happening out loud. And write it down. And present it. That's what we do.

Get out of that rut

There's a problem or opportunity, but every single time, you, your team, or your organization keeps going down the same path. The same numbers, but higher and to the right aren't enough, and you know you're missing something. There's got to be a better, different way to solve the problem. Or maybe you can't see the real problem, or a better one? Figuring that out is nobody's job. Everyone is heads-down in their own area. Nobody has the time to find out, synthesize and then explain. That's what we do.

Make friends, break silos, build bridges

You know you're too siloed and specialized. Other people do, too. But you can't break down those walls and get back to smaller, multi-disciplinary teams. You need to find the place to start, something tangible to do, something that will start making those walls more permeable. And before you even get started, you need to persuade people, too. That's us.

You want to escape IT and start solving business problems

Your role and team in your organization is "digital" or "technology" but people -- including or especially your leadership and your bosses -- keep coming to you with "technology problems". You want to be solving business problems and you need to get out of this hole, but how? That's us.

Shiny Object Displacement As A Service

It's here. The next trend or buzzword, or even one that's finally reached your organization's leadership. Buying or using Shiny Thing is going to Solve All The Problems and Make Everything Better, There There Now, It's All Okay, Shush. But you know it won't. Certainly not on its own. You've got to change how your organization works, too. But how can you change that energy into doing the right thing? That's what we do.

We do all this, and more. If you think we might be able to help you, if you think you've got the kind of problems we solve, drop us a line: